Conversations with Debbie Rosas

Monday, August 6, 2007

Time to Be with Me

I am a woman who loves being alone, and yet I find myself surrounded by people. I have always wondered if I was twin, separated at birth I seek closeness-Close To My Skin! My work outs me in front of and next to many people, everyday. I therefore am responsible for finding moments of alone time. I am getting more than ever as Jeff my husband is on a healing journey. His body demanding rest, he must heal, or I will lose him way before I am ready. The baseball bat is by the side of the bed. No-I do not feel safer. But I look at the bat and am reminded how safe I feel with Jeff next to me. By my side. I love how he makes me feel softer. It is easy for me take off my man-pants in his presence. Alone, the man pants are on, and yet I am more aware than ever of me-the woman, the feminine. Alone I feel me, am in my flow, and can ponder my existence, now and for the future. So I dream. I dream of Jeff well, him coming back to the business and working with me and us, building our lives. Home alone, I get to prepare the house for his return. I get to prepare my body and soul. I get to miss him. Long, wish, and dream. It is a good thing this feeling body. Alone and yet connected, we are all one. Do you feel me? I feel you-Close to my skin!

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Jamie said...

This is such an intimate post, Debbie. Thank you for sharing your dance, the movement between connection with others and with your self, between man pants and softness, between public and private.

And I'll be wishing for Jeff's wellness and your joy.