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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Look Into the Heart and Sould of Mama Gena

I just got back from lunch, a business lunch. The office is empty except for me. It is the Mayan Calendar Day Out of Time and we gave the staff the day off. It is a day to "be" in natural time. The Mayan Calendar is our way of staying touch with the organic natural rhythm of our body and life. It is a good thing. I received this form Mama Gena and was reminded how much I love her transparency. She reminds me that this is what I want - to share more of who I am with you all.

From Mama, from Me-
Picture this. I'm standing on the shore of the beach in Southampton with a few of my girlfriends. As brave as I am about some things, I am a big whining baby when it comes to swimming in the ocean. The waves were pretty large, coming one after the other, after the other, after the other. And I so wanted to jump in there- to get out past where the waves were breaking so I could reach that delectable spot of calm and float around under the gorgeous summer blue sky. I loved the picture in my mind, of me, jumping through the waves, floating in the sea. But I was too scared. I turned to my gals and said, "I just wish the waves would stop, for just one minute, so I could get in there. I just need a little break!"
Life ever feel like that to you? Where the stuff just keeps coming and coming and coming, and you feel like you just can't catch a break? Where it feels like fun and pleasure are just on the other side of the relentless pounding responsibilities!? So close, and yet so very far away. Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to wait for life to slow down or change before you can enjoy yourself again! This is exactly where the Womanly Arts come into play. During my Mastery Program I teach women the tools so they can have their hands on their pleasure dial. We have designed our programs to enhance, celebrate and inspire us to choose fun and to step into our power. This school is an opportunity for an outrageously luxurious dip into the wild waters of pleasure and gratification. Read on to see how SG Laura took the plunge...

"I came to a Mama Gena's orientation about 6 months ago. At that point I was completely miserable. I was so miserable that the only thing I could think of that would work would be to actually leave the country. It was my last resort. I knew that running away wasn't really the answer- but if I was going to be miserable, at least I'd be miserable in Europe! Fortunately, I'd met a graduate of the Mastery program at that time. She seemed so happy with her life that I just had to know how she had gotten to that point. When she told me about her experience at Mama Gena's I just knew that I had to do it. So, I rearranged my life to stay in stay in my miserable job, with my miserable life so I could take this class. Well, within one week, I received a $10,000 raise at work! (They actually liked me at work- who knew?!) Within three weeks, my boyfriend at the time told me he was going off to grad school and leaving me behind! I was actually excited...the prospect of being newly single, and having enough money to support myself...I knew that the game was on! And it all came to me after I made the decision to take Mastery.

Most people wouldn't recognize me now. There have been so many changes in my body and my appearance since I've decided to claim my pleasure. The other big change is that I've stopped seeing a therapist and I no longer take anti-depressants! The difference in the men that come into my life now is amazing...the success, the beauty, the fact that they take me higher and I take them higher- it's all so much more than I ever could have imagined! And it all started from me claiming my desire to have the happiness that I saw in my friend, the Mastery grad. Thank you Mama Gena!"

Is this your time to take the plunge into a new paradigm?

If your answer is yes, take advantage of my amazing Early Bird special of $1500 off the cost of the course. It expires July 31st at 6pm EST--- you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to enroll at this fantastic price. Only 4 business days left!

Have questions about Mastery? Want to hear about our payment plan options? Contact Chica or Janine @ 212-787-2411 x1.

You can also visit my website at to find out more about the Pleasure Revolution!

With so much pleasure,
Mama Gena

1 comment:

Kathryn Bencriscutto said...

Is this blog to Debbie?
Any way, I had to respond. this does get close to my skin. I guess when
you leave your life open to inspiration anything is possible. I take
the position of being shipwrecked and create from there.
To Debbie, I'm just inspired when I learn one of your routines and
appreciate your freedom of music choice and body inspired steps. I
trained in classical ballet since 4 and went the gambit. My love for
Gabrielle Roth turns a corner with you. I say now after Gabrielle
"don't do the dance let the dance do you". But seriously Debra, I live
it and know you're onto something.
My princeples have sometimes emptied my supply, and I just had a
humiliating experience of being busted and flat, and am almost homeless
if I donn't catch a star in a couple of months. I'm in a cold climate
and the borrowed camper I'm resting my head in until I can get out of a
jam, is going to be a cold place in a couple of months. But I still
stopped in a park yesterday and found a sunny spot to turn up the
volume on my car CD, and do Yulunga, barefoot in the grass and warm
sun, alone to be with my higher spirit, I did it twice I had such a
good time, I afterwards did meditation and shiatzu stretches and felt
your company, our love for the art that I shared withouttt you even
being there.then I drove to the beach and jumped in Lake Michigan, the
feminine flow of the earth floating in her waves tantalizing !
Just a few days ago, for a weekend and then some, of sleepless work
moving out of my apartment of 5 years, where I strove to get through
chemotherapy for hep C, now undetectable,...Getting past the pain in
that apartment on the beach, listening to the sound of the fog horn,
from the lighthouse, waiting for the 6 months to pass so I could get
back into Nia, and find a way to acquire my white belt with no money,
to be ready to work hard, study intensly and dedicate my vision to its
flow. Now , saying good bye to that sanctuary, packing up, I paused in
my car at a railroad crossing I wasn't stalled or worried. I got out my
sketch pad with an idea I had a brainstorm from. In a quandry about
range of motion and confinement, carrying heavy handbags became an
issue as I danced through carrying out so many bags and parcels from
the accumulation of 5 years. We women confine ourselves with these
heavy bags, and no longer have mobility in our wrists and arms let
alone freedom in the shoulder girdle.
So ...I sketched a gift to Debbie. A "Nia Fan Purse" that doubles as a
beautiful fan to cary and flutter our fingers haands wrists and elbows
for all that we only need. Light as air, only a whisper of a purse. I'd
love to send you a picture of the sketch after I've landed safe again.
I think its quite attractive, and so feminine. The oriental feminine
that reminds me of a Debra gem.
Love Kathryn(Bencriscutto) Thanks Debbie for keeping my soul up there!