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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Join Me for Fall Mastery: Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

“Power is a rhythm. And just like rhythm defines relationship, so it defines the pulse of life. Pussy Power is a rhythm I have learned to listen to, sense and trust from Mama” at Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. And I want to invite all Nia goddesses to join me for Fall Mastery. You can take advantage of the Early Bird discount which, ends July 31st at 6pm EST - Next Tuesday. In New York for Fall Mastery, together with many amazing women we'll be transformed in ways you can not even imagine. Fun sisterhood with an intelligence that celebrates being a woman! Don't miss this great opportunity.

My Mama Gena School of Womanly Arts Experience So Far... and I know there's more to come!

I’ll never forget my first night of Mastery. Feeling quite full of myself I sat in the front row with what I assumed were the chosen elite. I felt comfortable and also a bit uncomfortable. This was a good thing, as in my work I understand that for any change to occur, there must be movement. The feeling of what I call, "excitable discomfort" was afoot, in me. It had been too long since I felt the rumble. The "Oh shit," I'm in for a blast.I'm about to have a huge shift. I wasn't sure what the shift would be, but I knew it would change me and my life forever. It did.

I'm not a girl who shies away from change, after all, I've been married three times. I created something in 1983 designed to create change for myself and for other people's lives and bodies. I pride myself on being ready and conditioned for change. Love and pleasure to change the body and psyche is what I teach and do, using personal and practical ways to move and self-heal, using life-style practices to shift not only my body, but also my mind, emotions and spirit. So change is in me. It is my cells, all 75 trillion of them. They crave change and demand a dose of something new, that ""excitable discomfort" on a daily basis. But on this night the change coming felt, well, out of the ordinary. Both scary and exciting. As I was about to discover, Mama can do that to you. Make you scared and excited all at the same time.

It's not easy for a leader of an international movement organization to find safe places and havens for personal change, or at least that is the story I told myself. Especially in light of personally desiring and wanting unique and transforming blasts of inspiration for my change, and space where I can let it all go, be myself, cry, laugh, and connect to that part of myself I often only connect to in private. My first night at Mastery not only shattered my story, it threw me into a community of women, my tribe, what Mama calls, "sister goddesses," and into a new kind of rhythm and harmony I had not danced to in a long time. The rhythm and harmony of Pussy Power.

I think it was the dance break, the pink balloons, or jumping up and down and feeling a kind of joy that took me back to being a "girl" in my woman body. Or was it the moment I saw her, when my body wrenched a bit? I felt myself gasp, and the sensation of tingling rose to the surface of my skin from deep within. The woman I was in the presence of, Mama Gena, was to become one of my feminine Avitars.

Now I'm not one to have gurus, I never have, but I do love mentors, people I can look up to, learn from, and in their presence, sense my own divine. Mama did this. She still does. This night was not unique. This is how she is, and how I always feel in her presence—divine and in my own Pussy Power. I believe this it what she wants most for me and all women.

I have been given many gifts from Mama. The opportunity to share my Nia work with her and the sister goddesses. The space to be just me. The time to listen to my Pussy, to find a new kind of power, and to relish in and celebrate being a woman. I am forever grateful. I am honored. Most of all I am in awe of women, their power, grace, creativity, and love. This is after all what I am. A woman. And feeling and owning my Power and Pussy is something I shall take to my grave.

I could think of no better way to continue my journey of discovering my woman self as participating in Fall Mastery, not as a presenter, but as a student.

I hope you will join me for Fall Mastery in New York!

Debbie Rosas

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