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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Choreography and Your Life

I am astounded at the similarity I find in crafting my life and in choreographing a routine. I just finished teaching to music I did not know. Like someone I was interested in, I listened with great desire and interest. I waited for responses back to get to know the music. I dance "with" the sounds, not against them, and got to know the music intimately. I left feeling connected, nurtured, turned on, and most of all aware of how important is to listen and stop pushing my agenda on the music of the day that is there for me to dance to. In Nia-we call this Dancing Through Life. I get it! Debbie

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Cate said...

I can connect your experience with your new music to many other, everday life experiences. How often do I put my agenda onto people I'm meeting for the first time or agendas and expectations on situations I have yet to experience? For me, much like learning and embodying Medicine Woman. I couldn't go and take it, I had to wait and receive it. Wonderful observation. A rich lesson. Thank you! Catherine Ehret